Emergency Veterinary Care for Dogs & Cats

pet emergencyMaine Coast Veterinary Hospital provides dogs and cats with emergency and urgent care services during business hours, by our skilled team of dedicated professionals. From local pets that are long-standing patients to area visitors and vacationers with a pet emergency, every animal is given compassionate support and excellent care during a crisis. After hours, emergencies are seen at the Eastern Maine Emergency Veterinary Clinic.

Identifying a Pet Emergency

Sometimes it is difficult to know when to seek veterinary help for your pet. We recommend you contact our hospital whenever you have a concern, to seek the guidance of our veterinary team. Direction from one of our vets saves you from worry or indecision and, when needed, allows you to provide swift care for a medical problem.

Any pet that has had an accident or fall, has ingested a toxic substance, or has gone through some other life-threatening experience requires immediate veterinary care, and possibly emergency surgery. Other indicators that a pet requires emergency care include:

In our area, porcupines are abundant and embedded quills can cause serious problems for dogs and cats. Contact us if you discover porcupine quills on your pet.

Take Action in a Veterinary Emergency

Call for help in a pet emergency, even if you aren’t certain your dog or cat requires veterinary intervention. Our team will guide you in the appropriate measures in any emergency situation.

Contact our hospital at (207) 374-2385(207) 374-2385.

Our hospital hours are:

For after-hours emergency care, call:

Eastern Maine Emergency Veterinary Clinic
15 Dirigo Drive Brewer, ME 04412
Phone: (207) 989-6267

For more information, the ASPCA offers these pet emergency guidelines.

Our Referral Network — Board Certified Specialists

When a case is particularly challenging, we work with an extensive network of board certified veterinary specialists. Some consultations can be made via the phone or Internet; others require an appointment with a specialist.  Cases that may require referral include:

Other cases that are serious enough to require 24/7 monitoring with a specialist or specialized diagnostics.

We are pleased to make a referral to one of these specialists when needed and will do everything we can to make the process as seamless as possible.

Our affiliate, Lucerne Veterinary Hospital, can provide services such as ultrasound, orthopedic and advanced soft tissue surgeries, rehabilitation, and chemotherapy.