Preventive Health Care for Every Pet

preventive care in petsThe veterinarians of Maine Coast Veterinary Hospital focus on keeping pets healthy to increase longevity and overall health. This focus on disease prevention is a compassionate, humane, and responsible approach to pet care.

Annual Exams for Healthy Pets

The short lifespan of our pets means the aging process is accelerated, and diseases tend to advance much more rapidly in pets compared to humans. With this aging in mind, a yearly physical exam for healthy adults (and more often for senior pets) is essential for optimum health and the early detection and management of disease.

Preventive Care Recommendations

Our preventive care recommendations include annual parasite testing and preventives, appropriate vaccinations, laboratory tests, a thorough physical exam, and a dental assessment. This should occur more frequently for senior pets and those with chronic illnesses or conditions.

Even indoor cats are exposed to disease and subject to age-related conditions. These feline companions also deserve an annual exam to address developing problems, prevent pain, and increase longevity. The American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) recommends an exam every 6 months for all senior cats.

For your convenience, we provide these printable preventive care recommendations for your pets.  These cover vaccination and other routine diagnostics, but remember, the yearly or biannual physical exam is an equally important part of keeping your pet healthy!

Early detection includes lab work such as blood screenings, urine tests, and fecal exams for intestinal parasites. Preventive care is tailored to your pet’s specific age, breed, overall health, and lifestyle factors, a personalized approach to long-term health.

Contact MCVH to schedule a preventive care exam for your pet.

Puppy & Kitten Kits

For our new pet owners, we provide Puppy & Kitten Kits at your initial visit.  These include things like a free heartworm and flea/tick medication and behavior training handouts to help you and your pet get off to a great start!

We hope our puppy and kitten kits help you and your pet get off to a great start!

Microchipping Keeps Pets Safe

Keeping pets safe is a challenge, but microchipping helps identify dogs and cats that get lost anywhere in the country. MCVH uses HomeAgain microchips as a permanent pet ID for our patients. We recommend every dog and cat be microchipped, for that added level of protection your pets deserve.

Learn more about HomeAgain.

Our Veterinary Pharmacy

Our in house pharmacy and retail area offers a wide array of medications and pet care products, to address all the prevention needs of your pets. Please discuss your preventive care needs with our veterinarians for appropriate recommendations.

More Information

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