Heartworm, Flea & Tick Control and Treatments

parasite prevention for petsParasite prevention and control is critical to the health and comfort of every pet. Here at Maine Coast Veterinary Hospital, we address these parasites with the safest, most effective medications available for dogs and cats.

External Parasites

Fleas and ticks are the most common external parasites we see on dogs and cats. These pests can cause many problems for pets and their owners, from irritated skin and allergic reactions to a full-blown infestation of your home. The safest, most comfortable, and least expensive approach is to use consistent and effective preventives.


Adult fleas can lay 30–40 eggs daily and up to 2,000 eggs in one lifetime. Fleas create serious medical problems for dogs and cats including:

All dogs and cats in our area, including those living indoors, should be on a flea control product year-round.


Ticks carry a number of diseases, many potentially serious. Diseases your pet can contract from just one tick bite include:

All dogs and cats in our area, including those living indoors, should be on a tick preventive product year-round. We have documented engorged ticks on dogs in our area even in January. If temperatures rise above 35–40 degrees, ticks start to emerge. So year-round prevention is warranted, even in Maine!

There are a number of safe and effective flea and tick control products available. We make recommendations for such products based on the age, breed, type, and lifestyle of your unique pet.

Internal Parasites

Most puppies and kittens have contracted some internal parasites from their mothers. Such parasites can impede the ability to absorb nutrients and damage the lining of the intestinal tract. The most common internal parasites are tapeworms, roundworms, whipworms, and hookworms.

Heartworm disease is transmitted via mosquitoes. The heartworms actually live in the heart, causing serious damage and, eventually, death. Prevention products for these parasites are readily available through our veterinarians and offer excellent results.

Our Veterinary Pharmacy

Our in house pharmacy and retail area offers a wide array of medications and treatment products to address internal and external parasites in pets. Many over-the-counter parasite treatments or preventives are ineffective, and some are even dangerous. Please discuss your needs with our veterinarians and we will make appropriate recommendations for your specific pet care needs.

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