Compassionate Pain Management for Dogs & Cats

pain managementPain management for pets is a priority at Maine Coast Veterinary Hospital. We understand that pain inhibits the patient’s ability to heal, as well as causing physical and emotional discomfort. Our compassionate and humane approach considers quality of life to be a critical element in patient care.

Signs of Pain in a Pet

Keeping sick or injured dogs and cats comfortable can be a challenge, as these animals are skilled at masking pain. Signs that your pet may be suffering include:

These indicators suggest a call to our hospital is in order, especially if there is more than one symptom present or symptoms persist or get worse over the course of a day. If symptoms occur in a patient with a chronic condition or disease, or if they occur in a very young or senior pet, it’s a good idea to contact us. Symptoms that appear after an injury, illness, surgery, or trauma also suggest the need to contact us immediately.

Treating Pet Pain

Pain management is an issue in a variety of cases, including pets that are injured, acutely ill, or have chronic conditions. Pets that are having dental care or a surgical procedure are also recipients of our pain management services

A surgical procedure initiates the creation of a pain control plan, addressing the periods before, during, and after the surgery. Prior to surgery, patients receive pain medication to alleviate discomfort before it starts, which is the most effective way to manage pain.

Our anesthesia protocols are tailored to the needs of each patient, and we use the safest anesthesia products available in veterinary medicine. After the procedure, all patients are discharged with appropriate pain control medications, to maintain comfort and enhance the healing process.

Sick pets, and those with chronic conditions, are assessed for pain throughout their illness. Our compassionate veterinarians stay current on the latest pharmaceutical and non-drug treatments for canine and feline diseases, and treat each patient as an individual in creating a pain management plan.

At the end of life, we provide palliative care for a compassionate and humane approach. Our goal is to maintain quality of life by blocking and treating pain before it becomes unmanageable.

Our Veterinary Pharmacy

Our in house pharmacy and retail area offers a wide array of medications and treatment products to address or prevent pain in pets. From prescription drugs and preventives to dietary products, our pharmacy is conveniently stocked with safe, effective medications and pet care supplies.

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