Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory & Digital X-Ray Imaging

lab and diagnosticsMaine Coast Veterinary Hospital is proud to offer an on-site diagnostic laboratory and digital radiology services, for rapid and accurate results. All veterinary services, from surgery and internal medicine to preventive care visits, depend upon the results from our laboratory and imaging technology. As a result, your dogs and cats receive quality veterinary care with a high degree of accuracy in a timely manner.

Veterinary Laboratory

Our patients have access to excellent diagnostic lab testing right here in the hospital. Routine laboratory testing helps us assess your pet’s health status and identify any developing problems, before other symptoms are visible.

Some common tests for establishing a health baseline, to determine the level of risk for surgical patients, and for diagnostic purposes include the following:

For more complex or unusual diagnostic needs, tests are sent to reference laboratories. We work closely with outside veterinary reference labs for prompt results and pathology consultation services.

Digital X-Ray Technology

X-ray use radiation to penetrate the body for a clear image of bones, joints, and organs. Our hospital offers digital X-ray technology for very detailed images that can be digitally stored and shared easily via the Internet. This modern technology exposes your pet to very little radiation, creating a safer experience overall.

For advanced diagnostics, including ultrasound and endoscopy, we refer to our affiliate, Lucerne Veterinary Hospital.