Veterinary Internal Medicine Services

internal medicineMaine Coast Veterinary Hospital offers knowledgeable, compassionate treatment of canine and feline diseases and conditions. With extensive on site experience and access to board certified specialists, your pets receive the finest care available for any illness.

Diagnosis & Treatment of Sick Pets

Internal medicine deals with the diagnosis and treatment of nonsurgical diseases in pets. Our team takes the time to make an accurate diagnosis by listening to your concerns, gathering pertinent information, and conducting a thorough physical exam.

Diagnostics may include laboratory testing, digital x-rays, and EKG, available on site for rapid results. For advanced diagnostics, including ultrasound and endoscopy, we refer to our affiliate, Lucerne Veterinary Hospital.

Available Services

Upon discovering the cause of distress, we create and implement a treatment plan that maximizes health and comfort for your pet. Services we provide include:

Endocrinology services include the diagnosis and treatment of metabolic and hormonal conditions such as diabetes, Addison’s disease, Cushing’s disease, hyperthyroidism, and hypothyroidism.

Diagnostics for eye injuries and disease include an ophthalmoscopic exam to view the retina and interior of the eye, Schirmer tear production test, fluoroscein stain to identify damage to the cornea, and tonometry to measure intraocular pressure and check for glaucoma.

Nutritional services for pets include weight loss planning for obese pets, supplement recommendations, and assistance with nutritional management of certain disease states such as arthritis, liver or kidney disease, and diabetes.

In addition to these services, we offer consults with board certified specialists in radiology and cardiology.

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