End of Life Services for Pets

end-of-life careMaine Coast Veterinary Hospital provides end of life veterinary services for dogs and cats, keeping patients relaxed and as comfortable as possible. Our compassionate palliative care and hospice services support patients as long as they need us. When the time comes, we are here to provide euthanasia and cremation services for your dogs and cats.

Addressing Pet Pain

When recovery from disease is no longer an option, palliative care is initiated to help maintain quality of life. Palliative care is the effective management of pain and other unpleasant conditions (e.g., nausea, etc.) with a goal of comfort for the patient, typically through medication and supportive therapies. This type of hospice care allows your pet to stay home in comfort, surrounded by family.

Our palliative care and hospice program is customized for the specific patient’s needs. We often combine pharmaceuticals with comforting therapies for optimal results. Pets may receive medications such as pain control, antibiotics, and anti-anxiety drugs. Other palliative measures include: special diets, nutritional supplements, rehabilitation therapy (including therapeutic laser provided at our parent hospital, Lucerne Veterinary Hospital, and sometimes even surgial procedures to alleviate pain.

When the End Is Near

MCVH end of life services respect our pet patients and their families, while providing for the needs of all involved. We explain every option available, and the impact each will have on your pet’s quality of life.

When it is time for euthanasia services, you are invited to either remain with your pet or permit us to care for your pet after you have said good-bye. We can provide compassionate cremation services, with a selection of urns and markers for your pet’s final arrangements.

Resources for Pet Owners

To support our pet owners with the loss of a pet, we offer our pet loss library and an online pet memorial. The library offers articles about pet loss and managing the grief process. Our online memorial allows your family to pay tribute to your beloved companion.

If you need additional support to help you through this difficult time, these organizations offer help:

For compassionate care at the end of life, contact Maine Coast Veterinary Hospital.