Friendly Staff & Skilled, Caring Veterinarians

our teamMaine Coast Veterinary Hospital invites you to get to know our professional team!

We are fortunate to have a staff that cares deeply for our pet patients, canine and feline alike. Our staff has extensive training and experience in pet care and takes a genuine interest in our patients and owners.

Meet Our Staff

Our veterinarians offer a rich background and extensive training in veterinary medicine including internal medicine, surgery, emergency and critical care, geriatric medicine, and pain management. Our owners offer some of the finest credentials in the region, as well, and share their time with our affiliate, Lucerne Veterinary Hospital.

Meet Our Owners

Dr. Stephanie Monk has a strong interest in internal medicine, and extensive experience in treating patients with cancer. She is the only Certified Rehabilitation Veterinarian in the region, and has extensive training in the use and application of ultrasound technology. She has been performing ultrasounds and ultrasound-related procedures on our patients for approximately 10 years.

Dr. Chris Miles is known throughout the area for her ability to take on the most unusual or complicated orthopedic and surgical cases. She is one of the few veterinarians in Maine, and the only one in the region, who performs TTA surgery to treat cruciate ligament rupture in dogs. She has extensive training and more than 30 years of experience in both soft tissue and orthopedic surgery.

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